in Cyprus Today – 9/3/2011

Skyscraper bid opposed – the mayor of Girne is angry that he is powerless to stop plans for a 30-storey skyscraper on the seafront. He is not concerned about the actual building only that central government has taken control of building regulation.

Teachers told to root out illegal immigrants – teachers have been asked to discover whether pupils are entitled to free education by checking whether their parents are illegal immigrants. Teaching unions are not happy that schools take on this role.

Petrol station owners call off strike… for now – see Saturday’s CT article

Turkish Cypriots ‘among unhappiest in Europe’ – according to a Eurobarometer EU poll based on 500 TCs interviewed. Mind you, 81% of TCs were confident in the army compared to a 72% average in the EU.

‘Time for a compulsory helmet law’ – for motorcycles. Editor: that time has long passed.

Family’s demonstration for donations – not for money but for proper heart transplant laws in the TRNC.

Hunters facing severe penalties – if caught killing certain animals. Since 2009 there have been penalties such as a 5000TL fine for killing an owl.  Editor: hunters near me deliberately flout the law about how close to houses they are allowed to shoot and the police appear to be helpless to stop them.

Cyprus’ dedicated online auction site – at www.cyauction.net. Editor: Ebay without the protection? The site currently has 11 items awaiting bids, the same as a week ago!

Investigation into illegal billboards – all illegal billboards will be removed.

Launch of North Cyprus refuge shelter for women – the first shelter has been opened.


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