in Cyprus Today – 22/6/2011

Counting the Cost of CTA – there are still about 3,500 people out of pocket because of the Cyprus Turkish Airlines collapse a year ago today. They are the ones who were unable to take later flights with Atlasjet as part of the deal brokered with the Turkish Airline by the TRNC government. The TRNC government has only recently agreed to start paying Atlasjet for its part of the deal. During his trip to London last month the Prime Minister said work was continuing on establishing the new North Cyprus Airlines but stressed “Nothing will be like what it was in the past”. There will not be 850 personnel for three aircraft”.

Today is the first anniversary of the day that Cyprus Turkish Airlines stopped flying.

(Two page article by Mark Foster exploring the legacy of the Turkish Cypriot flag carrier and how politics brought it down)

Fresh tests confirm rise in EColi – fresh tests have showed that E. Coli bacteria in the sea at Girne are multiplying owing to raw sewage going into the sea. Meanwhile there have been complaints the stench of sewage being pumped into the sea at Karaoğlanoğlu is becoming unbearable. It follows calls by the Doctors’ Union and Biologists’ Association to have microbiological tests undertaken at 12 popular beaches in the TRNC and checked at the State Laboratory. The government has so far refused to act on the call. Editor: because finding out that it is dangerous to swim at these beaches would harm Tourism?

Violent Clashes at campus protest – ten people were reportedly hurt and two arrested after violent scenes yesterday at Eastern Mediterranean University College, as demonstrators protesting over plans to hand it and other schools over to a group of Turkish colleges clashed with police.

GAU unveils Karpaz site plans – Girne American University has formally unveiled plans for its controversial Karpaz campus, describing the region as a “new centre for learning”. Foundations of the new campus, south of Dipkarpaz, are to be started next month and the university aims to open in time for the 2013-14 academic year. Editor: students will be able to learn first hand about the impact of the construction industry on the natural environment.

‘Open crossing points to re-establish brotherhood’ – Greek Cypriot leader Demetris Christofias has revealed he wants to open all the crossing points between North and South. He said the move would “re-establish conditions of friendship and brotherhood” between the two divided communities”

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