in Cyprus Today – 17/11/2010

Brotherhood plea – Turkish Minister says ‘we must stand together’ with Turkey as our role model. The visiting Turkish Deputy Prime Minister also asked if the trade union protesters he saw were Greek Cypriots.

I’m not doing a runner, says boss – From UK. A UK run businesses goes into liquidation leaving tens of thousands of pounds of debts. Editor: this is nothing compared to Kulaksiz which not only left about £800,000 of debts but had used as security property it had already sold in order to borrow the money. Not only that but Ms Coulter of North Cyprus Rentals has a house in North Cyprus which she is trying to sell and which should release the cash to cover these debts.

Ex-pat is charged with defrauding colleagues – Carl Clark-Derby’s investment plan intended to return 5% per month didn’t work and of the £260,000 invested only £110,000 has been traced. Editor: the original investment description probably had a “-” missing from it and it was “-5% per month.”

Vigil ‘success’ despite low turnoutEditor: including the absence of a proper Cyprus Today reporter by the look of the photograph displaying people’s backs.

Alleged drug lord could be on the run in the TRNC – after allegedly “evading capture at the Metehan border crossing.”

CTA closure blamed for fall in visitor numbers – Editor: it could be that the visitor’s flights were cancelled so they couldn’t come, do you think?

Red meat boycott may be on the cards – because of the brucellosis scare.

High prices blamed for drop in meat sales – say butchers, not because of the brucellosis scare

Grapefruit producers losing money – growers have decided not to pick the fruit because it’s not worth it financially. Editor: for a country seeking Direct Trade with the EU there doesn’t appear to be much the TRNC can actually produce and make a profit from.

Over 2,000 tonnes of flour disappeared from cargo ship docked in the TRNC – a fire forced the ship carrying 5,000 tonnes of flour to Gambia to dock in the north. 2,600 tonnes were dumped but the remaining 2,400 tonnes “disappeared.” Editor: mind you, unlike the grapefruit, I’m sure a profit could be made from the flour

Buffavento Castle ‘like a rubbish tip’ – according to tourists

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