in Cyprus Today – 15/12/2010

New hope for cancer drug – a Turkish Cypriot scientist, Mustafa  Djamgöz, and his team are about to test a new cancer drug on human volunteers to see if it stops the spread of cancer without having unacceptable side effects.

Girne still not prepared for flooding Editor: no surprises there then

Publican’s warning on ancient artefacts – after Pegasos manager, Veli Doğan, was prosecuted for not reporting the discovery of a column which he displayed openly at the bar, it looks like we’ll all need degrees in ancient history in case something lying around on our land turns out to be an artefact.

Turkish Cypriots are ‘denied human rights’ – according to Sedar Denktaş, leader of the Democrat Party. Editor: don’t get me started, I leave the response to Pauline or Polly

Sorry folks, the rest is mostly foreign news and “Quiz night in aid of Donkeys” type stories.

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