in Cyprus Today – 13/4/2011

‘Axe airline start date’ – the new North Cyprus Airlines will now start in September according to rumours. Editor: and we’re supposed to believe that are we?

‘Mess turned lawyers into millionaires’ – according to Marian Stokes of HBPG and she also said that ‘expat homebuyers let down by all involved’ and ‘shame on you all for the lies, blackmail and general harassment of residential property buyers.’ BUT Hasan Sözmener, president of the TRNC Bar Association, said that HBPG’s campaign had not led to anyone registering any complaints with the association about any wrongdoings. Editor: and that was despite the HBPG website stating “hundreds of you who took time to complete the Lawyer Assessment Form which provided vital information for us to determine the extent of the issues caused by some lawyers.” –

Property plan is kept under wraps – the British Residents’ Association revealed on Saturday that they were not going to reveal their cunning plan to “provide security of tenure for people threatened with eviction.” Editor: cunning!

We need to build on property plan by Stephen Day – he says that Chris Gibbons has a cunning plan to solve the property problems and will tell the government and also “if evictions actually take place, the biggest losers of all would be the TRNC itself.” Editor: why, would it have lost its home and all its savings? As for the cunning plan, it wouldn’t have anything to do with people paying more money as they did in the Santa Fe cunning plan?

Hotel is definitely not for sale – contrary to rumours, Cratos is not up for sale

Call for action to boost TRNC tourism – from travel agents’ chairman. Editor: his recommendations about what should be done were… well actually he had none.

Backlash against the demo – PM Írsen Küçük “hinted that action could be taken against demonstrators who tried to unfurl a RoC flag at the Turkish Embassy.” Editor: and then action will be taken against those who have stolen ex-pats’ life savings? It’s nice to see the government have got their priorities right, and I sincerely mean that.

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