In Cyprus Today – 11/11/2009

cyprus-todayHotline to snare illegal workers – report an illegal worker by phoning the hotline number. Editor: so how would you spot one?

October wettest for 30 years – 29mm and that’s 27% more than the last 30 years October average but there is still a drought

A lasting tribute for fallen heroes – the controversial Remembrance Day ceremony in Girne

Animal charity hoping for festive boom – KAR’s 12th Christmas bazaar will be held on Saturday 12th December at the Teacher’s Hotel in Girne from 10am onwards

Driver jailed for deaths of Brit couple – Mustafa Őztürk jailed for 9 months for dangerous driving

Opposition unite to fight civil servant pay cut – it appears that the opposition are happy with civil service pay and don’t want the changes the UBP are making

Government smokers – civil servants are flouting the smoking banEditor: what else would they have to do if they can’t smoke?

Revamped Bedestan market re-opens as cultural venue – a 630 year old market in Lefkoşa has been officially reopened after a €2.2m facelift.

Turkey mulls sending gas pipeline to TRNC – gas may be included with the water, electricity and fibre-optic cables.

Turkey criticised for not co-ordinating aircraft movements – the south don’t recognise Ercan and Turkey don’t recognise the south so planes might collide

New Larnaca opens Editor: the TC who owns some of the land the airport is built on must have told them that they’ll have to demolish it and pay him compensation

South property law draft ‘merely an amnesty’ for rogue builders – see NCFP article

Eroğlu is favourite to be next president

Progress made on property Editor: or have they, they can’t even agree on what they’ve agreed

Can the British courts deliver a fair verdict? – the Orams case speculation

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