Cyprus Today - More Promises To Be Broken

Cyprus Today - More Promises To Be BrokenWITHOUT PREJUDICE
From Today’s edition of Cyprus Today

“By Kerem Hasan

The government will bail out homebuyers who are stuck in a property “nightmare” because of “legal loopholes” and unscrupulous property developers, under proposed changes to the law.

A new draft Bill has been drawn up by ministers that aims to give them the power to expropriate land and property in certain circumstances, including where the reputation of the TRNC is being “jeopardised”.

Cyprus Today - More Promises To Be Broken

Well there you go…do not hold your breath…remember the 5 Wisemen Committee, The Property Complaints Office, the promises of previous leaders that they would not abandon us. They know how to say the right things, sadly they have yet to learn how to follow them through.

I will be WAITING on my letter or phone call telling me they have seized my villa back from the out of control Akfinans Bank who illegally took it on the 30th July 2010 without a court order or my permission. I will however resist the temptation to rush out and buy new curtains.

Cyprus Today - More Promises To Be Broken

The cruelest thing I read on there is that they are even promising to help the Oramses….they took this couples lives and virtually destroyed them with their promises of help if they acted as the guinea pigs and went through the British and EU court systems…when they lost, they allegedly abandoned them. Now they are in ill health, would they really want this heaped on them again?

These could include help for buyers left with unfinished properties or cases like the Oramses, the British couple who found themselves the target of legal action in UK courts.

For more see Cyprus Today… In shops or on PressReader.

You will note….there is no mention of little old me…but then Cyprus Today never use my name and I am pretty sure that they, like Akfinans Bank Limited, consider me personna ‘non grata’

Who do they think they are fooling?

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1 comment to Cyprus Today – More Promises To Be Broken

  • Polly Marples

    Oh dear….surely the Polly Peck fiasco brought the owner of Cyprus Today into disrepute…ergo the TRNC wher some see him as a pseudo hero.

    Pauline has lived through 10 long years of persecution by this regime and all because she objected to having her home stolen from her by a bank she owed absolutely nothing to.