Cyprus Today 30/12/2009 | Mr Tatar says “we will never desert you”


CYPRUS TODAY December 30th 2009 – Headlines: “We will never desert you“.

As the late lamented Alf Garnet would have said “you couldn’t bleeding make it up”. Well Mr Tatar, I really guffawed when I read this little gem. If I didn’t know what your day job is, well I would think maybe you were some sort of entertainer, perhaps a comedian.

From time to time my researcher happens upon a blast from the past, but this one is a douse. We are given a bio of Mr Tatar’s employment history, no surprise there. Now let us see, the document containing details of Mr Tatar’s Directorship of Akfinans Bank is dated 2009, perhaps he had resigned by the time the article appeared.

Oh dear, is this the same person who was on the front page of Cyprus Today on Saturday, telling folk buying here is as safe as houses.

Nothing more to add because I am sure the editor would have to savagely edit what I would really like to say. [Editor: Oh, no I wouldn’t!]

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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