Cyprus Today - 18th May 2019

cyprus today - 18th May 2019Good on you Cyprus Today, you’ve published the fact that the Afrika newspaper reporters have been found not guilty of insulting Turkey’s President Erdogan. It may have been a little late but better late than never.


‘Landmark Verdict’ in Afrika ‘Erdogan insult’ cartoon case – see NCFP article North Cyprus Afrika Newspaper Staff Found Innocent of ‘insulting Erdogan’

UBP, HP are ‘in harmony’ over formation of govt – see NCFP article Did Turkey President Erdogan Cause North Cyprus Government Collapse?

DNA to Prove ’74 Victim’s ID – an attempt is being made to identify a victim of the 1974 Turkish intervention using the DNA of her daughter

Ministry installs traffic camera in pilot scheme – at least they’ll be able see what caused the accident then.


‘We could become a lawless society’ – if the media is allowed to criticise lawyers, say the lawyers.

There lots of other articles which are either relatively trivial or opinions rather than news.

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