Cyprus Today - 11th May 2019

Cyprus Today - 11th May 2019Here we are again with another edition of Cyprus Today with a front page filled with old news. Unlike other newspapers the online version has very little news and so, unless the news breaks as Cyprus Today goes to press, the paper version will not be as up to date even as NCFP. There’s nothing about Serdar Denktas being linked to a $750,000 bribe as explained in this NCFP article Calls To Investigate Serdar Denktas Bribe Involvement Accusation


UK joins US and Europe in ‘concern’ over Turkey drilling in ‘Cyprus EEZ‘ – see NCFP article Cyprus Accuses Turkey of Launching a Second Invasion

Coalition Collapses – see NCFP article The Government of North Cyprus Collapses

‘No Problem with Turkey Water Supply’ – water has stopped arriving from Turkey because urgent work last month required the level in the reservoir to be dropped. Editor: two weeks later the level is still low.


The Govt urged to ‘set up a crisis desk’ in face of TL declineEditor’ Advice: prices will go up so don’t buy as much

‘Private tuition undermining trust in state education’ – leading economist Goksel Saydam is quoted as saying ‘as the quality of state schools go down parents send their children to private courses and prep schools’. Editor: wow, this is investigative reporting at his best, NOT!

Sorry, but the rest isn’t worth publishing

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