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Cyprus Today Newspaper - 8th June 2019 - North Cyprus NewsThis week’s Cyprus Today Newspaper is summarised for your entertainment and, if you are currently in North Cyprus, to help you make the decision whether to invest 10TL in order to expand your knowledge of North Cyprus News. We have quoted a couple of paragraphs from Cyprus Today’s front-page and have included any other articles which catch our eye.


EXPATS ‘ARE A TOP PRIORITY’ –  EXPATS’ property and residency problems are among “priorities” of the new government, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar told Cyprus Today — saying he is “ready” to meet the country’s foreign residents to learn about the difficulties they face.

He said he wanted to “discuss all the issues” and seek solutions “within the law.”

Violent robbers in £130K jewel heist flee the island – Senak store owner Gülşen Aksay was tied up and beaten during the raid in Girne. TWO violent robbers who overpowered a well-known Girne town centre jeweller in broad daylight and made off with more than £130,000-worth of gold and diamonds escaped North Cyprus within hours of the heist.

Police launched a countrywide hunt for the men, who also took some 15,000TL from the Senak store behind the town’s yacht harbour at 10.40am on Thursday after attacking owner Gülşen Aksay.

Car-free Girne plan ‘up for public consultation’ – A NEW scheme to pedestrianise parts of central Girne and improve traffic flow over a 70-hectare area has been drawn up and will be presented for public consultation.

The municipal project area includes Girne Castle and the old yacht harbour area, the Ziya Rızkı Sokak “high street”, Mustafa Çağatay Caddesi and adjoining streets.


Price hikes ‘a gift’ from previous govt – FUEL and gas prices are to go up, the government has said, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar calling the “inevitable” hikes a “gift” from the previous coalition.

Mr Tatar said he had postponed the increases until after Bayram, while Economy and Energy Minister Hasan Taçoy assured the public the new government was “working really hard and doing its best”.

Announcing a post-Bayram hike in petrol and diesel, Mr Tatar, an accountant by profession, said: “My eyes are on the exchange rates. We do not want to raise prices but it will be inevitable. The previous government left increasing prices to us as a gift.”

‘TRNC driving licence a death warrant’ – Turkish Cypriot driving instructor Artun Gökşan has 12 years experience in teaching people to drive to UK standards. PEOPLE who pass a driving test in the TRNC are effectively “handed a death warrant instead of a licence” due to their ignorance of traffic matters, according to a Londonbased Turkish Cypriot driving instructor.

Artun Gökşan, 59, has lived in the British capital since 1990 and has spent the last 12 years teaching people to drive to UK standards.

“The main reason for the terrible number of accidents in the TRNC is a lack of traffic education, not the state of its roads,” he said.

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