North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 28/11/2015


Expat Buyers Embark on Fresh Bout of Legal Action – Akfinans Bank has appealed the TRNC Lower Court ruling which accused the bank of acting ‘fraudulently’ and then overturned a ruling that the properties could be sold off by the bank. Lawyers for the Kulaksiz 5 buyers asked the appeal court strike out the bank’s notice of appeal because they had introduced a new party to the case without serving notice that it would do so. The new person was Philomena Watkin-Jones, widow of one of the buyers. The case was adjourned to consider the arguments.

TRNC Tightens Up Border Controls because 6 men ‘of Turkish origin’ were detained at Larnaca Airport over fears they had terrorist links. They had arrived from Switzerland and were then sent back. Greek Cypriot police spokesperson, Andreas Angelides, later said they were ‘not deemed to be terrorists.’ A TRNC police spokesperson said that in response to this terrorist incident they were now ‘searching people and checking luggage, if they see anything suspicious’.

Downing of Russian Plane Deals Major Blow to Tourism and so Tourism Minister has suspended plans to attract Russian tourists.


Drinks ban moves to ‘keep tourists safe’ after alcohol related incidents including a death at St Hilarion Castle. This only applies to state owned ‘bufe’.

ID card law ‘no help to expats’ – expats with 6 years residency, 3 years for over 60s, who meet health and character requirements can pay 2200TL to get a permanent resident’s ID Card. According to BRS the requirement for expats over 60 to purchase expensive health insurance makes the ID Card of little use to them.

Ercan project: warring partner calls for trustee – because Terminal Yapi partner was pushed out by partner Tasyapi. They argue that they have expertise in building terminals which the other partner does not. ‘We allege that Tasyapi…will take the Turkish Cypriots’ money and leave this island without making any investment.’

Reservoir levels to ‘hit maximum’ – sometime in the future, according to Turkish Water Authority North Cyprus project manager Birol Cinar. He also stated that ‘the water, it is continuously flowing, at full capacity, 24/7.’ He added that even though the pumps were sometimes turned off the water was still flowing, although into the sea. This ‘is for technical reasons.’

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5 comments to North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 28/11/2015

  • fluter

    What on earth is going on here? “The plot thickens”!

    And does anyone believe the statement about water ?

  • Polly Marples

    KULAKSIZ 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited
    This is exactly what was reported in Cyprus Today on Saturday 28th November 2015.
    It is misleading to call it fresh legal action. It is a continuation of the same case, brought about by the Bank’s legal representative still referring to the late Mike Watkin-Jones in their Appeal and then realising their mistake and obtaining an amendment correcting it without involving the K5’s legal team, this I am told is a no no.
    The K5 legal representative Appealed against their being given this amendment without them being involved in the case and I am told that IF the Appeal court fnd in favour of K5 in this, then the Appeal we are awaiting the date for (4th Dec 14 judgement) could be thrown out and K5 automatically win.
    I had been keeping this under my hat since the 12th Nov, but as it is now in the public domain, I feel no need for further secrecy.
    Win the right to start again. Good ininit.

  • Polly Marples

    I have to wonder how the bank could have gone to court and achieved the amendment now being Appealed without bells and whistles sounding. Surely the court and the judge must have known K5 legal representatives ought to be present, Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Limited is a very high profile case in the TRNC. What was going on that this could even happen and need to be Appealed? If I were cynical I might think it somewhat shady anyway. Just saying.

    No wonder there is very little trust in the legal system in the TRNC.

  • fluter

    And who could blame you?

    Isn’t this exactly what happened to Geoff and Mary Day, when they went to UK after winning the case against Recaioglu?

    He managed to get the decision reversed without Geoff, Mary or their legal representative being in court.

    What a ruddy disgrace!

  • Polly Marples

    Pauline was relating this to Agile and pointing out that surely the Judge would have said…’I cannot hear you without the petitioners being present’. Agile’s reply…..I wonder how much was in the brown envelope…of course Pauline could not possibly comment on that….

    Remember, the bank managed to persuade the same judge who eventually found in the K5’s favour to throw out the K5 case when they were not there…they were not there because it was public holiday the next day and the K5’s legal team had been told the appearance had been postponed. It cost the K5 more money for a hearing to get it reinstated. There are those who may well think something is ROTTEN in the Kingdom of Denmark aka Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption.

    It gives you a nice warm feeling to know such tihngs happen….not.