North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 12/7/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 12/7/2014

Quite a lot of news about government ineptitude.


TRNC red tape wrecks rally – a ‘premier UK motor-sports event was postponed because the government could not guarantee money as a result of budget defefits

Marina project stalls – because of an ongoing court case against the government. Mr Houssein was quoted as saying ‘I have managed huge projects in Azerbaijan, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia but I cannot succeed in my own country. I feel bitter.’ He is contemplating using the ECHR in a effort to get justice.

Pets abandoned after registration laws enforced – KAR has been inundated with abandoned dogs because the fine for not having a dog microchipped is 1560TL or even 6 months imprisonment, whereas driving without a seatbelt for yourself of your child the fine is 156TL.


Officials attempted to halt dumping – and failed

18-hour construction work leaves residents angry – so they called the local council who said they couldn’t stop them even though it was illegal

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