Cyprus Talks | Update on the Progress of Meetings

Cyprus Talks | Update on the Progress of MeetingsCyprus Talks – Update on the Progress of Meetings

Kibris newspaper (12.03.14) reported the meeting of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot negotiators, Kudret Ozersay and Andreas Mavroyiannis, where they discussed in detail the powers of the United Cyprus federal government. Ozersay said that while there was convergence in many areas on the issue of the powers of the federal government there were still areas of disagreement. He said that the only issue which had not been discussed was:

“the map and the numbers. The fact that the map and the numbers are not touched upon does not mean that the issue of the territory is also not discussed.”

However, Kibris reported that TRNC President Eroglu and his team were annoyed that the south had increased its demands for the percentage of the territory it wants and the number of Turkish settlers who will remain on the island after a possible solution.

In their meeting on Friday, 14th March they will discuss the election and the formation of the federal government and will also continue talking about the property issue.

While progress may seem limited, compared to the past, there seems to be a lot going on. There seems to be a mindset that this time both sides are not holding back in the attempt to find a solution, perhaps even by the 40th anniversary of the Turkish intervention. If you talk to some Cypriots there is an attitude that ‘it’s a done deal’. In other words, a solution is going to be found no matter what. The reasoning is that to fail to find a solution, for the first time it seems, would have unacceptable repercussions internationally. There are too many reason why Cyprus must be united, oil and gas and Turkey firmly within the EU being just a few of them; in my opinion.

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