Whatever Happened to the Homebuyers Pressure Group?

I remember when the Home Buyers Pressure Group (HBPG) was formed on 25th September 2005, seven years ago. A Committee was elected by those at the inaugural meeting, roles were allocated and the obvious outrage of those present was harnessed.

The highlight of HBPG was a mass protest planned for December 2006 which was called off in exchange for the TRNC Government’s foundation of the ill-fated Property Complaints Office which they quickly renamed Property Information Office. The PCO/PIO turned out to be the first of many efforts to divert outraged property victims from visibly expressing their anger, in my opinion.

Looking at HBPG’s website today the latest post is dated “10 Novemer 2011”, 6 months ago. Their latest “success” is to get Santa Fe victims to bow down to blackmail and pay extra for their homes. This shows that the way forward, according to HBPG, is to bow to pressure from builders rather than the other way round. The failure of HBPG to exert pressure is actually not their fault. I believe that if every organisation set up to support North Cyprus Property Victims, e.g. MNCBM, HBPG & SBINC, were to arrange a demonstration outside Parliament then less than 100 people would turn up and most of them would not be the victims.

This reluctance of victims to defend themselves is actually the source of property problems in North Cyprus. Builders, Lawyers, Estate Agents and even the Government know exactly what they can get away with and HBPG’s Santa Fe action just confirms it. It is said that the victims are afraid of being further victimised and either being beaten up by their builder or arrested and imprisoned by the police. This could be true but I believe it is a little more than this. I believe victims feel that they would stand out like a sore thumb, being virtually on their own if they demonstrated their outrage. Now what if every victim was there? What if every victim stood together? What if pigs could fly?

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