North Cyprus Property Victims | Tsimpedes Law Firm Anti-TRNC Video

This Tsimpedes Law Firm news item shows how property victims, because of TRNC government inaction, have been forced to seek the anti-TRNC law firm’s help. Their case is that because property victim money was transferred to the TRNC and then used criminally this is money laundering! I fully expect parents of drug addicts to sue banks for allowing their children to withdraw money from ATMs to buy drugs.

It’s an excuse for propaganda and, while it will probably fail to bring a single penny to the victims, it gives these victims an opportunity to tell the world about their plight. I don’t blame them for being angry and because I can’t think of an alternative, I don’t blame them for using this route. If you can think of an alternative route which will get these victims a refund before they die of old age then please make a comment below.

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