North Cyprus Property | Submitting Property Scam Stories

North Cyprus Property | Submitting Property Scam StoriesNorth Cyprus Property | Submitting Property Scam Stories

Today is International Women’s Day 2013. So to all women out there I say ‘Happy Women’s Day.’

Contrary to popular opinion, I am a woman. I may sometimes appear to have an appendage I am not entitled to, but yes I am a woman. In fact I am a retired woman, who through no fault of my own is carrying the banner for a lot of property victims in north Cyprus. I consider it an honour and a privilege. I am not getting any younger but whilst I have health and strength I will continue to try to find justice.

From time to time, NCFP get emails from property victims asking for help by publishing their story. Naturally the Editor passes them on to me to collect and collate evidence, then the story is passed on to one of our contributors to write. It is a service we at NCFP are proud to give but, and this is a very big BUT, we are aware that there are those out there who would like to discredit us. Attempts have been made to close down NCFP, to date they have failed, but NCFP are vigilant and take these attacks very seriously.

Just recently a story came in which on the face of it was sad and very typical. I responded and in the course of communication received an email containing an attachment which contained a virus. My virus protection went berserk the minute I started to open it. It is excellent protection put in by my Editor who looks after my laptop protection for me. Being a Luddite, I would of course be ‘easy meat’ to any hacker.

In future, if anyone has a story they want told by one of our contributors, please assist by sending the following:

1. A FULL copy of the Contract of Sale.
2. Details of Advocate and Estate Agent.
3. A short summary of the process from initial sale until to date.
4. A contact address and phone number.
5. All of the above plus anything you feel is relevant.

Number one is obvious because that gives a breakdown of everything; the site, you, the builder, the purchase price, details of what you are getting for your money, a payment schedule, a completion date, details of penalties.

Number two, well the Advocate’s name should appear on the contract so this is a belt and braces exercise, the Estate Agent details may not be on the Contract.

Number three gives our writer some personal details; such as why you bought, what use you intend to make of your property, eg live in or an investment. Also your age will tell the writer a lot about you. What you do in the UK, if you borrowed to fund the purchase. This give the human face to a story.

Number three, again this adds to the human interest aspect of your story.

Number four is self explanatory. May even be in the Contract.

Number five is catch all, you will be able to tell us anything not covered by the other four headings.

I have had my personal space invaded, been attacked verbally and threatened physically. I have had a lot taken from me but I also gained a lot from these experiences. The whole of one’s life is a learning curve. Sadly, part of what I have learned here is, do not take anything on face value. To even have had to commit this to print tells you all, I am still learning.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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