North Cyprus Property | Avaaz Petition In UK Media


North Cyprus Property | Avaaz Petition In UK Media

Following on the success of the Avaaz petition put out by one of our members Gillian L and, at my suggestion, another property scam victim contacting her local newspaper in the London area, this is the result. I personally liaised with the journalist to give him the link to the Avaaz Petition.

I urge any north Cyprus property victim living in the UK to contact your local paper and give them your story. Local papers are more accommodating than the Nationals but, sometimes on a slack day, the Nationals do pick up stories from the local media.

Another minor breakthrough but we will keep throwing the mud at the wall until someone listens to us. Hopefully that someone will be the new TRNC Government. This small success is the result of teamwork.


Never give in never give up

Pauline Ann Read

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