North Cyprus Property | Ada TV Libel Case Attendance


North Cyprus Property | Ada TV Libel Case Attendance

The courts resume in earnest this week and I will be attending on the 19th for the Ada Libel case appearance. It should be interesting because I will have to find out if there is a new Judge since often following the Summer recess, and the rotation system, changes do occur. Not speaking Turkish, I guess I will just have to look out for one of my fellow defendants and follow them.

Indeed, during my Breach of Contract case which started during this same week way back in 2008 when I made my first appearance in Girne District Court, a change in judge did occur, three changes to be precise. Five long years caught up in the north Cyprus legal system. How very green I was way back then.

Now with over 150 attendances to my credit, I often wonder why I ever bothered. I was a sprightly 63 then. Here I am in my 69th year still no further forward.

Along the way I have met some interesting people and I have to say, even without speaking Turkish, I have sat in on some interesting cases. Often sitting in the back row of the court someone sitting next to me who did speak English had whispered a running commentary. Most Turkish Cypriots are friendly, outgoing people who will bend over backwards to help you. Having found so many like this has restored my faith in human nature. Most are appalled at what is happening to the property scam victims and tell me they feel ashamed that guests in their country are being impoverished in their old age. I have reassured them that the shame is not theirs. They are not responsible for the action of others.

We must not forget, it is a minority of Turkish Cypriots who are involved in the scams, as are other nationalities. Turkish builders who came here to feed in the property boom frenzy and also British builders. I use the term builders, although many would have difficulty with a lego set.

We are all expecting much from our new Government in north Cyprus, but these expectations must be tempered with realism. We have called on consecutive Governments for help, the property problem is huge and the coffers of a small country are not. Our expectations should therefore be realistic. I believe the present Government would love to be able to solve all the problems they have inherited and we have seen signs that they are listening to the people. Let us pray that the listening becomes action and the action is directed towards helping existing victims as well as potential purchasers.

May God watch over and guide the new Government of north Cyprus.

Never give in, never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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