Minister Asked Why Gary Robb Was Given Citizenship

So, hands up anyone who had heard of Gary John Robb before they came to North Cyprus. What, no hands up! That is just as I thought. In the scheme of things our home grown scrote was a nobody, perhaps a low in the pecking order felon, certainly not someone most law abiding people would know of unless they lived in his ‘area’.

Now, why do I ask that question? Well Pauline Read tells me that another question asked by the Finance Minister was, “Why did the British buy from Gary Robb?” She tells me her answer was,”Why did you give him Citizenship?” As Pauline Read said, when answering a Politician, do as they do, always answer a question with a question. She assures me, he ignored her question.

But of course her question was very valid. Most people who bought from Gary Robb were unaware of his background until it was too late. Surely the Government, who were more than aware of his background because the British Government had made them aware, had a duty to protect the public from him? Instead he was given Citizenship and every facility to enable him to form a company and then do what he did best, Robb people, ably assisted by his co-shareholder and board of Directors. There it is again ‘a duty of care.’ The Advocates ignore it, and so it would seem on this occasion so did those who could have prevented the whole ‘scam’. Of course the ECHR does not ignore it, but sadly it seems Mother Turkey will have to pick up the tab, even though she is completely innocent.

There is of course, much more to follow. Stay tuned, this has only just begun.

O B Joyful


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