Liverpool tourists will not return to North Cyprus

After the massive support given to the Kulaksiz 5 by the tourists from Liverpool at Tuesday night’s benefit do, how can the government be in any doubt that their lack of action is damaging not only the property sector but also tourism?

The 120 plus group from Liverpool who are either friends or family of Kulaksiz 5 members Margaret and Brian Freeman are adamant.  If the government do not do something to ensure that the Kulaksiz 5 do not lose their properties, they will never visit North Cyprus again..

You do not have to be a genius to work out that this attitude extended to all the families and friends of other victims will seriously damage the tourism here in North Cyprus. Tour Operators can spend countless thousands of pounds on advertising North Cyprus as a tourist destination, but they may as well save their money whilst the TRNC Government continue to ignore the property scam issue.

Club Semina have done a fantastic job in making sure that the ‘scousers’ have a fabulous time whilst staying at their well established and well-appointed resort.  All this will count for nothing if the K5 lose their homes. This is a repeat visit by the scousers who have been visiting here on a regular basis.  Are the government so short sighted that they cannot see the damage their SILENCE is doing?

It is time for all Tour Operators and all venue owners to join our protest.  The Government cannot continue to ignore the will of the people.

Join the STOP THE  BLACKMAIL  IN  NORTH CYPRUS Facebook GROUP.   The membership is now over 750 people.   We will be heard, doing nothing is no longer an option.


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