AGA victims asked for more money or court case will be dropped

ABAG Protest

You may recall that an AGA victim was told that they had to appear in court on December 23rd 2009 (click here) or risk having their case dismissed. The person concerned is a victim of AGA’s double selling scam which was allegedly aided by a well known TRNC lawyer.  With only two weeks notice the UK based victim had to provide hospital evidence as to why they could not be present in a TRNC court two days before Christmas.

If this was not enough to disturb their Christmas holiday what happened next certainly did. They had already lost their savings on a property they could not live in and now they were spending the last of their money trying to achieve justice in the TRNC courts. Earlier they had spent £500 paying for a bond which was supposedly insurance in case Gary Robb won the case and then, so close to receiving the judgement they were hoping for, the bombshell came. They were asked by their lawyers for another £1500!

When they paid for and signed a contract several years ago, they expected it to be readily enforced if broken. So when they discovered that it had been broken by AGA Development, because their house was double-sold, they expected something to be done about it. Court cases had been won but what they didn’t know was that TRNC lawyers don’t enforce judgements and even if they did enforce them they now realised that AGA Developments has no assets.

They could give up, but that would be saying goodbye to everything, surely they could at least be given the property they originally paid for, no matter what condition it was in? That was one of the reasons for their court case. But now they were being asked for £1500 STAMP DUTY! To make matters even worse, if that was possible, the duty was being charged on a ridiculous sum of £99,000 when the victim only paid £66,000, something they had told the lawyer on more than one occasion!

They also had evidence of three cases run by other lawyers of AGA victims where the contract stamp duty has not had to be asked to be paid and neither has money for a bond. They were beginning to believe they were being singled out, perhaps to get them to drop the case. First the Christmas court hearing and then when that failed to stop them there came a demand for more money.

It looks like the TRNC government will be paying in excess of £2m to cover the Orams couple’s case and yet they won’t even give the hundreds of AGA victims a minute of their time.

If you want to read the whole story, including the name of the lawyer then read it HERE.

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