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Instead of protesting the outcome of a case that at Appeal could be changed completely, why don’t the people who are criticising the UK Legal system and conjuring up all sorts of conspiracy theories, none of which I buy into, redirect their anger at their own legal system that is old fashioned and in many ways barbaric?

Where in the world would anyone even have to worry about losing the roof over their heads until the final verdict of a legal case had been heard? Yet now the intimidation has been stepped up a notch by the erection of FOR SALE notices outside the houses of the Kulaksiz 5 site, which has now been renamed by the megalomaniac Bank owning family, ‘Kader Sitesi’.

The purchasers aged between 65 and 90 years old now live in fear of this family who took up residence in a villa purchased by Pauline Read in September 2005. It was repossessed by breaking in and changing the locks without a court order in July 2010. The Kader family have CCTV cameras sited so that they can see every aspect of the site, who comes in and who leave the street. It is an infringement of the privacy of all the residents as well as intimidatory, which is clearly the intent. Now this truly is INJUSTICE, so where are all the Turkish Cypriot protesters?

Kibris Gazetesi, the newspaper owned by Asil Nadir, is calling for a mass protest against the UK court decision to imprison Mr Nadir after his trial which not a lengthy ordeal, but was well organised with time allocated in such a way so as to ensure no undue stress. Compare that with the years of K5 hearings and the barrage of stress that goes with it for these pensioners. Mr Nadir was returning to his luxury pad in Belgravia each evening and a comfortable setting to relax. The residents of Kulaksiz 5 return to villas in a sad state of repair due to the bad build and they have “neighbours from hell”. They have been taunted and baited by a Kader family member, especially following the release of the DVD ‘Banks Behaving Badly’.

Lets us look at the financial side too. Mr Nadir was given legal aid, although I understand there is some question of the Government looking for this to be repaid. The Kulaksiz 5 have had to find their costs from their own pockets, a cost none of them ever budgeted for when planning to live abroad. Pensioners by the very nature of being old are unable to generate additional income, so how are they to continue to find such money?

The other newspaper owned by Mr Nadir is also calling for people to attend this mass protest, Cyprus Today the sister paper of Kibris Gazetesi is published in English and is mainly for the expat community. Did I see any mention of the abomination of the FOR SALE notices being erected? NO! Where is your support for your core readers? You expect the expats to risk arrest by joining your protest for your owner, although I guess it will be allowed to happen as it is in support of a Turkish Cypriot and against the UK. A demonstration by foreigners against the TRNC government and the injustice of the property scams, no that will no be allowed, it is unlawful. Can their be a greater example of double standards?

Power to the people… ALL of the people.


Citizen Smith

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