Translation of the article about Pauline Read placed in the Yeniduzen newspaper

This is a translation, so please bear with me if some of it is unclear. My translator is my dear friend Husnu.

Husnu has broken it down into several points. I hope it makes sense to you all.

1. Pauline Read is not representing Kulaksiz 5 and the people living there.

2. Pauline Read gave up buying her house from Kulaksiz 5. Her solicitor wrote to home office minister on 4th December 2009.

3. Pauline Read applied for permission to purchase for a house with 140m2 with a swimming pool, which she bought recently at Edremit

4. Pauline Read is writing on internet and through North Cyprus National Press against our bank. So our legal team applied to court more than 10 cases against Pauline Read and we will carry on go to the court for new libel cases.

5. Pauline Read applied to the court against Kulaksiz Construction Ltd and builder Abdurrahman Guney for £120,000 + 4% interest for compensation.

6. She pulled out the case against the landlord Yuksel Yilmaz.

7. Although she left the Kulaksiz 5 but she attacked the bank official and the locksmith while they were going in the empty house with a baseball bat with the help of her lover Chris. She is Chris’s mistress.

8. Authorities must watch Pauline Read for these anti propaganda our (country?) but and deport her the act 105.

9. Pauline Read has formed a movement to make KKTC better and liveable country but she applied to the Girne Court on 27.10.2010 against Kulaksiz for the repossessing the land and the houses on in Arapkoy. So she is trying to make 3 foreign people who bought house on this land homeless.

DISCLAIMER this is a translation by a friend and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.


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