The Bank That Likes to Say “Get Out!”


[Editor: the original title had an alternative to ‘get out!’ but the bank in question is a bit sensitive about its actions being exposed]

As you all know, yesterday morning Pauline Read attended a demonstration for Mr. Nadir. She had no problem carrying a banner advocating (pun intended) JUSTICE FOR ALL. In the afternoon she attended a meeting with a victim and their Advocate to try to sort out their problem, yet another property scam. During the course of this meeting she discovered another 80% loan by the Bank who cannot be mentioned, that story is for another day.

Justice – the quality of being just – fairness -the quality of being reasonable-the law or administration of, or conformity to the law.

So what happens when the law is not just, is not fair? I would think what is happening to Kulaskiz 5 would be a perfect example, and what is about to happen to thousands more on the island of Cyprus if those with the power to make changes, choose not to.

What about those who keep saying, “ah well it happens everywhere.” Now that might be true, but it reeks of smoke and mirrors and really says “ah well, we know we are wrong so let’s point to others doing the same in order to distract from the fact that we know we are wrong but we just don’t know what to do.”

What is happening in north Cyprus to thousands of innocent victims is wrong, it is unjust, it is unfair and it was preventable. The Government chose to ignore the situation which was being pointed out to them as far back as 2005. Strong leadership, accountability, a sound set of rules and regulations regarding the building industry would have prevented this situation. The changing of some laws and the beefing up and enforcing of others would have made the difference.

The island of love is now the island of ‘no consequences.’

We are told that now it is safe to buy here, ‘as safe as houses’ says Mr Tatar the Finance Minister, but who would be foolish enough to take the risk?

Looking backwards they say is not the way forward. On this occasion it is, put right the mistakes of the past, put right the injustice being meted out to those who bought in the past, then and only then can the Property Sector look forward to some sort of future. As it stands, the sins of the past are catching you up.

Do it for the island we all love, do it for north Cyprus and all the good and honest people who depend on this country for their livelihood. Give them something to look forward to.


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