Opinion | ‘Social Contract’ – From Idea to Action

Many philosophers have pondered the gap that exists between an idea and action. Looking at it from a pure business point of view it’s as if an inventor tries to sell you a liquid, let’s say called ‘PCO’, which s/he says will clean all the nasty stuff affecting your home. They are a bit vague about how it will work but tell you to buy it, follow the instructions, and wait. Months later, the nasty stuff still hasn’t gone and so you throw away the liquid.

Along comes another inventor, this time with ‘Social Contract’ and they too want you to buy it, follow the instructions, and wait. This time, however, you aren’t so naive so you ask questions and expect answers before you buy into it. So what do you ask? Simple, ‘how will it get rid of nasties?’ Or to get back to reality, ‘how will signing the Social Contract stop Akfinans Bank putting more and more 80% mortgages on already sold and paid for properties?’

If it does what you are told it will do, in the way you are told it will, in the time you are told it will take to work, then truly it is the Miracle Cure we have all been waiting for. If it doesn’t, then ‘Social Contract’ may have been yet another charismatic pre-election con-trick as many suspect it is. Only my opinion, mind you.

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