Akfinans Bank Hasan Hasturer Ada TV Programme Complaint Rejected

It seems the Akfinans Bank have allegedly made two complaints to the TRNC SUPREME BROADCASTING BOARD, both of which I am told concerned Kulaksiz 5 and both of which were NOT upheld by the Board. Is common sense and truth at last getting an airing?

One of the complaints was over the Ada TV programme hosted by Hasan Hasturer. Pauline Read, who was involved in this programme, tells me she has only ever had positive feedback from the public about this programme. In fact the only negativity has come from the Bank, which naturally one would expect.

The second programme, I do not have details of but it could well be an AS TV programme where someone who shall remain nameless, allegedly confronted the Bank on air and asked them “how dare you call for the deportation of Pauline Read!”

Combine this with the reports that the Bank allegedly wish the Banks Behaving Badly YouTube clip to be removed, you can see they wish no mention of their actions as far as K5 are concerned.

Censorship is ugly and if the Bank, as they claim, have nothing to hide, why is it necessary? Rhetorical question. More interesting news is just around the corner.

The TRNC SUPREME BROADCASTING BOARD is made up of professional people, a good mix of political, legal and other professions. Gentlemen, and I hope ladies, I salute you for being unbiased in your decisions.

On entering the Ministry of Finance on Friday, in the order of arrival, we should have been second to see the Minister. We were not. However there was a very nice gentleman in the waiting area who saw what was happening to us and went into the reception and made sure we went in at the next possible opportunity. He made a very interesting comment which was translated for me, “the one with the biggest drum goes first.” How very true, have Akfinans Bank had their drumsticks confiscated?

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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