Cyprus Problem | Why ‘Morphou’ Will Not Be Returned

Cyprus Problem - Why 'Morphou' Will Not Be ReturnedCyprus Problem – Why ‘Morphou’ Will Not Be Returned

When Guzelyurt was offered to Greek Cypriots as part of the failed 2004 Annan Plan they didn’t want it enough to ignore Nicolas Papadopoulos, Omirou, Perdikis and Lillikas demand a ‘No!’vote. It wasn’t a deal maker then but now, all of a sudden it is a deal breaker. That’s if we believe the south’s deputy government spokesman statement that:

“the president would not accept, nor would he agree to any settlement if the town of Morphou is not returned. Without Morphou there is no settlement.”

So, there is no settlement. According to a statement by the Turkey’s minister for water resources, 50% of the water being carried from Turkey to the north will supplied to all municipalities and the rest would be used for the irrigation of the Mesaoria (Morphou) Plain. If the south have voted ‘Yes’ then all but a narrow strip in the north, giving Turkish Cypriots access to Lefke, would have been returned to them.

Now, do you think Turkey are going to make the area fertile and then give it to the south? Let’s be serious, what real benefits will Turkey get if there is a settlement; membership to the EU? OK, in theory the decision is in the hands of Turkish Cypriots but forget any conspiracy theory about Turkey manipulating them in order for a settlement to fail. They don’t need to put pressure on the north, all they need to do is sit back and watch Anastasiades do the job for them.


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