Cyprus Problem | Greek Cypriots Having a Worrying Time

Cyprus Problem – Greek Cypriots Having a Worrying Time

Having just read this article in BRT World News I got to thinking about how much the Greek Cypriots are irritated when Turkish Cypriots become successful:

“While the countdown of the water transfer project that foresees water being transferred from Turkey to the TRNC via an underwater pipeline system simply known as the Project of the Century is nearing completion, it is leading to economic and political headache for the Greek Cypriot administration.

According to an article published in the Greek Cypriot Press, the Greek Cypriot administration created a council consisting of Greek Cypriot MP’s to deal with the negative repercussions the water will have for south Cyprus.

The South believes that once water reaches Northern Cyprus the property value of the TRNC will rise and in the case of a solution being found to the Cyprus problem, the Turkish Cypriots will demand more money for the return of their lands.

Greek Cypriot farmers and producers are also worried that with the arrival of the water the Turkish Cypriot farmers and producers will have an advantage over them as they will be able to develop in their fields and the Greek Cypriots won’t be able to compete with the Turkish Cypriots price wise as well.”

I am sure they are equally worried about the disadvantage to Turkish Cypriots when the south entered the European Union and the north didn’t. Added to that the south’s economy crashed and the north’s didn’t and when/if the gas flows I am sure they will be worried that their Turkish Cypriot brothers and sisters will be left out of all the economical advantages.

My God! I hadn’t realised how much worry it is being Greek Cypriot.


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