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North Cyprus Government | Sibel Siber for President?

North Cyprus Government | Sibel Siber for President?North Cyprus Government – Sibel Siber for President?

The Turkish daily Milliyet (08.12.13) in a headline asked the question “Will Siber be the first woman president?” says that, and not surprisingly, the name of Parliamentary Speaker Sibel Siber has been put forward regarding the next TRNC Presidential Elections which will take place in 2015 in the north.

If this were to happen she would be the first woman Turkish Cypriot leader. The reason this might happen is that Sibel received the majority of votes in the early elections in July, and at the Assembly she also received 46 votes from 50 deputies.

She appears to be a genuine reformer and, judging from the lack of progress so far, would re-energise much needed changes in the north, hopefully including out-dated and unfair property laws which allow purchasers to be defrauded.

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