Kyrenia Animal Rescue No Longer Helping Lapta Dogs

karKyrenia Animal Rescue No Longer Helping Lapta Dogs

This is an email just received from KAR

“KAR are very sorry to advise residents who live within the above area that they will no longer be able to help with abandoned dogs and/or dogs needing neutering in that area.

This is a decision that has not been taken lightly but it follows Lapta Beledere’s decision to take responsibility for the stray dogs in their own boundary area. They now have their own “stray dog control programme” which they have organised and are running with no input/advise or help from KAR. There have been reports that Lapta is collecting dogs in their area, including KAR Tag dogs, and those dogs are never seen again.These reports are unsubstantiated as yet but are too many to ignore. Noone knows what has happened to the collected dogs – but rumours are rife !!!!

By law the local Beledere who are removing stray dogs from the streets have to take them to a safe place for an initial 10 days (during which they should try and find an owner) – after that they should be held for a further 20 days(during which a new home is hoped to be found). After the 30 days the dogs should be neutered, vaccinated and then “live” (somewhere in the B’dere area – compounds are likely) safely for the rest of their days.

There are very strict laws regarding the circumstance under which it is legal for a dog to be put to sleep/killed which the Belederes and vets have to abide by.

KAR hope that you appreciate that it cannot continue to spend time and money to neuter dogs and return them to the streets of Lapta only for them to be “rounded ” up and disappear under the programe being run by Lapta Beledere.

All abandoned, dumped and/or stray dogs in the Lapta area should be reported to Lapta Beledere on 0392 8218327 or 0392 8211691. However any such reports to the Beledere may well be dealt with under their “Control programme and the dogs may never be seen again.

KAR appreciate that this decision will impact on the residents and dogs of Lapta but feel that at the moment they have no choice. Residents reporting cases to Lapta Beledere should ask as many questions as possible to try and determine how their reported case will be dealt with.

If any resident has knowledge of any dogs suddenly disappearing or that are collected and removed by Lapta Beledere can they please let KAR know as they are trying to compile a structured and reliable report into the situation in Lapta.”

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