Cyprus Bailout | The Foundation for a Cyprus Settlement

Cyprus Bailout | The Foundation for a Cyprus Settlement

All the the south seems to have is gas deposits which the north is laying claim to. Whether or not the south accepts this claim, without a quick route to Europe they’ll stay there for decades. That route is via Turkey. Plans to liquify the gas, I am told, are impractical and so working with Turkey seems the best way for the south to get out of the recession quickly. Israel has already seen this and after making a requested apology for the killing of Turkish citizens, have paved the way for selling off the excess from their own gas fields.

Turkey wants to work with the south to solve the Cyprus problem and have made a suggestion of three possible scenarios where this might work:

  • the north and south form a united Cyprus state and jointly exploit the natural resources around the island;
  • while peace negotiations proceed, the north and south form a joint committee to exploit and market natural gas;
  • form a two-state solution on the island.

To give these three suggestions more force, Turkey has promised to interfere in any gas exploitation the south tries to undertake unilaterally. Some even say that the unusual bailout terms were specifically set by the EU in order to bulldozer the south into settling the Cyprus Problem once and for all.

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