Winter Rains are Coming – is Your House Protected?

Two years in succession we’ve had rain storms which have caused havoc and damage. Down the road from us one poor homeowner lost a large chunk of their terrace which was washed onto the road. The practice of building on the edge of precipices doesn’t help. Damage is not confined to the edges of properties and one of the worse culprits for us has been a chimney which cannot cope with driving rain in a particular direction. This now seems to have been sorted out but returning from a Christmas holiday in the UK we opened the front door and discovered a sodden carpet which thankfully was covered by household insurance.

However, some insurance companies shy away from insuring properties built upon recent infills and certainly do not offer discounts or over 50s house insurance deals. I’m actually watching a digger create such an infill, pushing soil over the edge of a road and gradually building up a wider area which I hope is not going to be the base for the foundations of a house. The power of running water is greatly underestimated until you watch videos of torrents of water tearing houses from their foundations and placing them a long distance from where they were built.

All I’m saying is that perhaps it is time to check your household insurance and make sure it covers such unexpected events as your terrace being washed away! I wouldn’t have believed that was possible if it hadn’t happened a few hundred meters from us, two years ago!


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