The Republic of Cyprus has the most lenient EU Drink Driving Laws

According to the RoC has the most lenient drink driving laws in the EU, possibly making it the EU holiday destination you are most likely to be knocked down by a drunk driver? The average legal level throughout the EU is 0.5 mg per ml and the RoC’s level is 0.9 mg per ml.

  • 0.0 mg per ml– Estonia, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary
  • 0.2 mg per ml– Norway, Poland, Sweden
  • 0.4 mg per ml- Lithuania
  • 0.5 mg per ml- Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany (Germany is 0.3 if you’re in an accident), Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Serbia/Montenegro, Croatia, Latvia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus (North)
  • 0.8 mg per ml– UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Switzerland
  • 0.9 mg per ml – Cyprus (South)

What makes the matter worse for those holidaying in the south is the lack of deterrence in the current laws there. The RoC are suggesting that penalties be raised to  €300 and three points added to the license if a driver is discovered with 70 microgrammes of alcohol on their breath, equivalent to nearly a bottle of wine. Currently, you can drink far more to reach that level of fine and in many cases you would be just issued a warning according to


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