Marketing TRNC Products

perfumeJust having had to rush back and forth between Cyprus and the UK and Germany and  I found myself with a bit of spare time to peruse the duty free shops at the various airports. A few interesting things that “dawned” on me that don’t happen, in TRNC ports of exit:
  1. Space to buy  – it was evident that in Larnaca, Stansted, Gatwick or Heathrow there was enough space in the shops to let people wander around in comfort to see what was for sale. Ercan’s 10 shops are all selling the same products in very cramped conditions. You can’t say this is competition as they all charge the same prices.
  2. Perfume testers which work – Ercan (last visit) most of the sample bottles had the pushdown buttons either removed or stolen. Try before you buy. Sorry no way. Lost sales?
  3. Brandy variants – Metaxa available in many places but  understandably not Ercan but in many other duty free shops. Cyprus brandy in Ercan is something you have to search for and then get ripped off (pricewise) at double the shop price outside. Leaves a nasty taste on departure. Your memory of maybe a super holiday tainted by the last thing you were confronted with – “being ripped off!”
  4. Books for sale – ever tried to buy something to read in the departure lounge at Ercan? Compare with Stansted, Larnaca, Heathrow, Paphos, Istabul and even Antalya this is a lost opportunity.
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