Is eXtend Broadband rubbish? – Day 2

extendAt 10:30 I phoned Extend to ask when their engineer would be arriving and Orkam told me they couldn’t say. I replied that I just wanted to know whether it would be morning or afternoon, by the speed he told me “afternoon” I had the feeling he had just made that up. I managed to publish the Extend article on having entitled it “Are Extend Broadband rubbish? – Day 1.”

At 12:30 I received a call from Paul of Arriva Ltd, Extend’s support company for ex-pats; he had read the article. We established that the problem needed the engineers to visit. Paul was very efficient but still in the end it would be the engineers who would be fixing the problem as Paul was only a go between. He told me they would definitely be here this afternoon and that I was to ring him if they had not arrived by 1600.

The engineers finally arrived at 17:30 and discovered that the problem was nothing to do with any of my equipment including the 25TL transformer, it was the box on the roof where a wire had come lose. At 18:15 they left us with working internet.

The one thing I’ve learnt from this experience was to never phone Extend again but instead to register with Paul and then phone him whenever there was a problem. He emailed me these details and if you haven’t done so already I suggest you use him whenever you have a problem:

Arriva Ltd are Authorised Agents of :


7 days a week customer support

Mobile Phone numbers – 0533 869 4371 – 0533 869 4372 – 0533 843 1149

Hi Mal,

I am glad that everything worked out for you today. I was pretty worried when I saw how upset you seemed to be and that is why I contacted you.

Gwyn and I, through Arriva Limited, are authorised agents for eXtend broadband. We are authorised to sell their internet connections and regularly liaise with their installation manager to arrange quick installations. We are also authorised to collect customer monthly, quarterly and yearly bandwidth payments and have direct access to their computerised customer administration system.

All customers who pay their bandwidth payments through us can also use our 7 day a week customer support numbers. We can troubleshoot and fix most problems on the phone, and if a service engineer’s visit is required, we will liaise with eXtend on the customers behalf, making the necessary arrangements and keeping the customer informed.

This service doesn’t cost the customer any extra, if you are paying 89TL monthly to eXtend, you can make the same payment via us and this entitles you to use our customer support helplines. We are offering a premium service at no extra charge to the normal price.

Hope this information is of use to you. We will gladly accept your future bandwidth payments and we have entered your name into our records. Gwyn will contact during the first few days of each month to make any arrangements for collection.

If you have any further problems, please contact me direct on 0533 869 4372. Gwyn’s numbers are 0533 869 4371 and 0533 843 1149.

Kind Regards


So the answer is no, eXtend is not rubbish but their phone support is.

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