Get Active in North Cyprus | Great Ways to Stay in Shape in Kyrenia

Get Active in North Cyprus | Great Ways to Stay in Shape in and around Kyrenia

We all know how easy it is to take things just a bit too easy, but this comes at the expense of our health. Keeping up your level of fitness requires regular exercise, but it does not have to be boring to exercise. There are plenty of ways you can use the natural surroundings of North Cyprus, and Kyrenia in particular, to aid you in staying in shape. It doesn’t matter if you are a holidaymaker, expat, or local, all the activities and exercises in this article are accessible to all, so forget all your excuses for lounging away the days in the sun and get active!

Mountain Trails: Hikes and Rides

The Bespamark and Kyrenia mountain chain trail stretches for around 230km, from the west of North Cyprus at Cape Korucam right over to its most eastern tip at Zafer Cape. There is a full paint-marked trail system in place to guide hikers and cyclists along the route, and as much or as little of the full trail can be completed to suit anyone’s level of fitness. There are a few restaurants along the trail so you can certainly make a day of it, or even a weekend or longer trip if you have the time. Cyclists are known to ride the trial from one side to the other, a 460km round trip, and it can be carried out over any number of days to suit the rider’s level of fitness. This sort of excursion would require you to take camping gear and provisions, and it is important to pack light and take food and drink that provides the right nutrition to help your body recover after strenuous exercise. Getting out in the great outdoors and exploring on of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Mediterranean is a fantastic way to stay in shape, and it certainly will not feel like boring, regimented exercise. To find out more about the trails, and download free maps of the area, visit the Kyrenia Mountain Trail Association.

Water sports: Scuba Diving and Water-skiing

To mix things up a bit, getting wet while doing some exercise is a great choice. There are all sorts of different water sports available to enjoy in and around Kyrenia, and doing something different and exhilarating really helps to raise your heart levels and get you enthusiastic about exercising. Aside from swimming in the clear Mediterranean waters, which is a great cardio-vascular workout itself, activities like scuba diving and water skiing can be easily arranged too. The great thing about these activities, especially if you have not tried them before, is that they are very active and will also be very exciting. If you are out walking or cycling every weekend, why not take one weekend out of the month to enjoy a day scuba diving, water-skiing, or even try out wind surfing and sailing if you prefer. The point is that you can mix up your exercise routine, so much so that you’ll be getting plenty of exercise while having lots of fun too! Scuba Cyprus has plenty of dive bases scattered across the northern coastline of Kyrenia, and almost all the busy beaches have facilities to try water-skiing, wind-surfing, and sailing, so organising your wet day out is fairly simple.

Working Out with a View: Scaling the Heights of St. Hilarion Castle

Sometimes you are just not going to able to take so much time out to go hiking or scuba diving for the day, and just an hour or two of exercise is needed to keep your fitness level up. A fantastic work out is taking on the steps that lead up to St. Hilarion Castle. Head here either first thing in the morning or an hour before sun down, to avoid the crowds and sun, and take the hard run up, along with the more forgiving jog down, for a solid work out. You even combine the run with exercises like press-ups, crunches, squats, sit-ups, and more to create your own circuit training routine. Take a well-earned break at the top and enjoy the view and a quick refreshment while you’re there, it certainly beats jogging around a park!

No More Excuses

You can see that there are plenty of fun ways to keep yourself in shape in and around Kyrenia, so lounging on the beach is not the only activity for you to enjoy, even though it is one of the most popular. Try a mix of the activities we have suggested here to keep your fitness regime varied and entertaining, so that staying in shape stays fun!

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