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Free LEGAL Advice North Cyprus FaceBook group now has 1500 members.   This group, we hope, will help to meet a need for those with legal problems who are not perhaps getting what they need by way of information or service from their existing legal adviser.

If I could level one complaint at the Advocates here in North Cyprus, it would be.  YOU DO NOT KEEP YOUR CLIENT INFORMED! and you should.   How many of us have suffered anxieties through lack of communication by the Advocate.  Be it returning phone calls, or answering faxes and emails.   It is so much worse for those  far away in their home countries.   Not that I am suggesting that those of us who live in North Cyprus are treated any differently.  I also hasten to add, it is not all Advocates, but it is too many.

There is no doubt that the problems being experienced here are many and varied and it is bad enough that the victims are treated with indifference by the builder, the developer, the landowner, the estate agent, the government offices.   Surely the one person you should be able to trust and rely on should not be joining in this mass ignoring of the purchasers.

Hak Hukuk a fully qualified Advocate with 10 years experience practising law in North Cyprus. He is giving his time on Free LEGAL Advice Cyprus FaceBook group and will answer simple questions on the FaceBook page and more in depth ones privately by inbox.  He recognises the need that exists with all purchasers regardless of nationality and this is important because Hak is fluent in Turkish and English.

This advice is not limited to property purchase, although of course this is the burning issue in North Cyprus. If you have a legal question on any topic… ask.

Advice is free.   There are plans to open an office in Kyrenia where most of the victims seem to be and an initial free consultation will be offered, face to face.   Your consultation will be entirely without obligation.

Go to the website  for more details.

Pauline Read

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