Controlling abusive comments on NCFP

Some of our readers forget that NCFP is a newspaper and that the comment section is to allow them to feedback on an article if they wish. The comment section is deliberately only accessible by clicking a link so that readers do not have to read them. There is a “report a comment” link on every comment so that if an abusive comment gets through the moderation process then a comment can be manually moderated. We do not censor comments unless they break the law, instead we reduce them to a link and add a warning that they are abusive and that it is recommended that they should not be read by readers of a nervous disposition.

I do think that some readers forget that this newspaper was set up for TRNC supporters, even those who are not totally supportive of what a current government is or is not doing. Readers have the ability to change the way the newspaper is run, as long as this change is generally within the bounds of responsible free speech. We publish all supportive articles as long as they are not too blatantly commercial and irrelevant to the TRNC or are gibberish. Over the two years since we started in August 2009, we have only rejected a handful of articles, one of which was homophobic.

A few statistics about NCFP’s two years of existence:

1313 articles (including this one)
14089 comments (only 9 deleted, some because of duplication)
43 reported comments (39 reduced to a link, mostly Milt’s)
3 readers in a permanent moderation queue (including Milt)

Below are the daily page views since Google Analytics was installed

These statistics show that NCFP continues to attract a regular readership of around 5000 pages per day, the last few months being the highest, and hopefully will in the future.

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