To comment or not to comment?

Over the last month NCFP have tried various comment systems and currently have settled with an amalgamation of two systems.

1 – No comments automatically showing, the reader chooses to open comments
2 – A like/dislike system where readers can vote to reduce a comment to a link only

In this way if there are abusive comments then no one has to read them unless they choose to.  Additionally, if a reader chooses to read a comment and then finds that they dislike it they can vote to express this dislike. If the difference between like and dislike is 4 or more votes the comments can only be read by clicking a link. This forewarns them that it might be offensive. Because we have had over 6000 comments since launching it is too difficult to monitor them and so we would like to leave that to the reader. Vote in the poll below in order to help us understand your view in this matter.

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