Aphrodite’s Killers by David Carter

Before David Carter died over a year ago he was an occasional contributor to NCFP and had informed us of his intention to publish a book called “Aphrodite’s Killer” as soon as he’d received feedback in April 2010 concerning the Cyprus Talks. Unfortunately he died before this was possible and the book was then published posthumously.

To quote the book description:

“Broadcaster and journalist David Carter spent much of his life on the now divided island of Cyprus and through his enduring interest and love for the island and its people was given unique access to the United Nations Force in Cyprus. He spent a great deal of time with the leaders of both Turkish-Cypriot and Greek-Cypriot communities. He interviewed over 1000 Cypriots and British service personnel during his research for this book, to obtain eyewitness accounts of the events leading to the division of the island.”

What I personally like about the book is that it is largely built up from these eye witness accounts rather than taking a side and filtering out accounts which contradict that side’s view. It is, in my opinion, a textbook of the Cyprus Problem and its 600+ densely packed pages, even though informative and eye-opening, will not make a quick or an easy read so don’t expect to read it in a day.

One example of how unbiased the book is appears on p.570 where there is a photo of Greek soldiers with the caption, “the Greek soldiers captured by the Turkish Army and later shot in cold blood by Turkish Cypriots.”

I’ve no doubt that there will be some people who will, without actually reading the book, say that it is biased but that is the nature of the ignorance that some people show when discussing the Cyprus Problem.

It is a must for those trying to understand the recent history of Cyprus and can be ordered from Amazon using the link below:

Aphrodite’s Killers: Cyprus, the EOKA Conflict and the Road to Partition

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