Avaaz Pressure Group | Turkey Twitter Ban Petition

Avaaz Pressure Group | Turkey Twitter Ban PetitionWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Avaaz Pressure Group – Turkey Twitter Ban Petition

So the powers that be in Turkey believe they can silence their critics by banning Twitter. Oh dear, desperation springs to mind.

Here is a novel suggestion Turkey…give the world nothing to criticise you for.

It is hard to believe a country with an application to join the European Union already accepted would contemplate such a measure clearly designed to stifle freedom of speech and expression. Not what one would expect in the 21st century.

If you feel strongly about this, sign the Avaaz Petition and let your voice be heard.

‘Turkey’s authoritarian spiral is really going out of control with the new crackdown on Twitter and now it’s clear that only if we speak out and flood Ankara with our protest can we save the country’s future.

Erdogan thinks he can use censorship to kill popular unrest around the corruption scandal. Yesterday’s Twitter ban could be a key turning point towards a dark era for the country. He is saying boldly that he doesn’t fear popular reaction, but he could soon lose the support of his party,which he needs in order to govern —President Gul just spoke out against the ban. If Erdogan starts fearing he might lose elections next week in key cities as a backlash of his ban, he might be forced to lift it.

These elections are just a few days away –sign the petition now to President Gul and other key political leaders. As soon as we reach 100,000 signatures we’ll project tweets in front of their offices to convince them that the ban must be lifted:’

Sign the Petition

Pauline Read

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