North Cyprus Property Victims | Santa Fe – Blackmail Works

So Santa Fe are, at long last, beginning to transfer ownership to the people who should have received their Contractual rights many years ago – but at a price. Now I read the words of one owner who is quoted as saying “We thought it couldn’t be happening, especially with the way the market […]

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Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank DVD and YouTube Video

Despite protestations that the first article about the “Banks Behaving Badly” DVD carried inaccuracies, viewing it proved that it did not.

What was abundantly clear was the fact that the makers had decided not to mention the Bank involved, Akfinans Bank Limited. One has to suppose that legal opinion was taken and it was […]

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Karmi/Robb Auction | If you care then be there – tomorrow

One day to go. Tomorrow the Auction that brings disgrace and shame to this beautiful country takes place.

How anyone who could make a difference, but chooses not to, sleeps at night is beyond my comprehension. I have looked into the faces of the victims and the stress I see etched there breaks my […]

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