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I do believe if we could not introduce a little humour into the situation here, we would all surely go mad.

As you probably already know the reason Laura Laptop was incarcerated was that Pauline got a little carried away by the situation of the Geoff Day case and found some of […]

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Mary Day found guilty of trusting the TRNC Judicial System

The fiasco continues. Mary Day presented herself at Girne District Court, well to be precise, the courtyard at 9.15 a.m. as advised by her Advocate. Three other supporters and myself sat with her. We waited for the Advocate to show up, and we waited and we waited. Eventually Mary was summoned to her Advocate’s […]

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After 65 North Cyprus Court appearances prove the Day’s innocence, they have to do it all again!

Mary Day is back, back to take on the so called legal system here in the TRNC.

Will any of us ever forget the farce that was the case the prosecution brought against Geoff Day. The case that anywhere else in the world may never have seen the inside of a court room. The […]

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