Daily Images | Swan

Daily Images – swans are fascinating creatures which although children love to feed them, parents are wary when they do so. The reason for this is that swans are known to aggressively protect their nests and there is a story that a man drowned after being attacked.

It is thought that swans mate for […]

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Cyprus Medieval History – new eMagazine

For almost ten years I have lived in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – a real paradise for lovers of history. Many times I had the pleasure of meeting (mainly British) expats and tourists, explaining to them details of the rich medieval past of this wonderful island. But words are easily […]

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Visit North Cyprus – Koruçam, the only Maronite village in the North

I decided to take a little trip through the North West tip of Cyprus and was surprised as I approached the village of Koruçam that it was full of Greek Cypriot cars and for a moment I thought I’d accidentally crossed into the south. When I returned I decided to do a bit of […]

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