Whatever Happened to the Homebuyers Pressure Group?

I remember when the Home Buyers Pressure Group (HBPG) was formed on 25th September 2005, seven years ago. A Committee was elected by those at the inaugural meeting, roles were allocated and the obvious outrage of those present was harnessed.

The highlight of HBPG was a mass protest planned for December 2006 which was […]

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Naming and Shaming of Blackmailing Builders in North Cyprus

“How interesting to read that the Government is proposing to do away with the requirement for a foreigner to have to obtain Permission to Purchase. This of course is an effort to stimulate the property market. You may as well dig up a corpse and call in the ‘crash’ team to apply electric shocks […]

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Role Reversal – Gary Robb plays “the victim and the victims the villains”

It would seem that the public letter sent to the Aga victims from Mr. Robb has opened up a can of worms. It was obviously a ‘testing of the waters’, but rather than having the desired effect, it seems to have generated more questions than answers.

Reading the reaction of ABAG, the ‘POOR ME’, […]

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