Toparlaniyoruz | Will They or Won’t They?

The Star Kibris newspaper (24.05.13) reported that a 10- person group of German Parliamentarians crossed over from the south into the north where they held a meeting with Kudret Ozersay, the leader of the Toparlaniyoruz Movement. Translated this apparently means the ‘We Are Getting It Together’ or WAGIT movement.

The same paper adds that […]

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Toparlanıyoruz Movement News | Weekly Digest in English

North Cyprus News | Weekly Digest in English

The last two weeks of 2012 were extremely busy for the Toparlanıyoruz Movement. The following is a brief summary of some of our key activities over the past two weeks: – The Toparlanıyoruz Movement launched its “Blue Cap” campaign to provide free wheelchairs for those disabled […]

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Toparlaniyoruz | An Opinion


Toparlaniyoruz – An Opinion: simply because I pointed out that the promise made to me in a very public meeting of Toparlaniyoruz by a member of the panel at the Pia Bella was broken I was removed and blocked from Ms. Inan’s FaceBook page. This means that if I want news of […]

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