Whatever Happened to the Homebuyers Pressure Group?

I remember when the Home Buyers Pressure Group (HBPG) was formed on 25th September 2005, seven years ago. A Committee was elected by those at the inaugural meeting, roles were allocated and the obvious outrage of those present was harnessed.

The highlight of HBPG was a mass protest planned for December 2006 which was […]

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Why is Pauline Read not mentioned on the K5 v Akfinans Bank Video?

The official unveiling of the DVD said to be outlining all Bank related mortgage problems, but in fact almost completely dedicated the problems being experienced by the one set of victims namely the Kulaksiz 5, was announced in Cyprus Today under the title A Few North Cyprus Banks Behaving Badly. In fact the DVD […]

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New Evidence in Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank Case | Bank Valuation Report

WITHOUT PREJUDICE Kulaksiz 5 are fighting for homes and indeed I do not think it would be too strong to say they are fighting for their very lives here in North Cyprus. It is a fight they did not choose, a fight that was foist upon them by the cruel and some may think […]

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