Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 – more dirty tricks to come?


Seeing what had happened to Pauline Read yesterday, a victim of the property scams in north Cyprus, I noted she referred to an article by Akan Kursat that appeared in Kibris Gazetesi in August 2010, just two months after the auction of her villa at K5 and just days after her home […]

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Pauline Read Learns Self Defence

Without Prejudice

Lady Justice, oh what an elusive lady you are. I read with a certain amount of disbelief that the Bank had applied to the Girne Court for the right to serve a Writ for Libel on Pauline Read by being allowed to merely tape it to her front door and put a […]

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Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Talat Kurşat in Court

So Mr Talat Kurşat is attending court in the K5 case.

I was surprised to see that he produced an online advert for one of the K5 villas, in court, as if the advertiser had by advertising his villa for rent done something that totally justified the behaviour of the Bank when they knowingly […]

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