in Cyprus Today – 31/8/2011

Jailed Briton is deported – pensioner Anthony Davey has been deported from North Cyprus after being released from prison after having being imprisoned for his role in the deaths of two teenagers in a road accident. His friends sold his property at a “knock down price” and he said that he  was “quite happy to be leaving the TRNC.” A court heard in June that Anthony was “not speeding, had not been drinking, while the two teenagers were underage, had no licence and no protective clothing, and the scooter may not have had working lights.” Cyprus Today calls the deportation “a farce.”

Woman, 29, killed in jet-ski crash – when she lost control and hit some rocks

Alsancak school all set to reveal partnership details – it is joining with Turkish Doga College which took over the Eastern Mediterranean University.

Celebrations as carob festival marks the beginning of the harvest – the Tatlisu based festival will run from 14-18th September

Bank lends government 30m TL to cover shortfall for workers and pensioners – Editor: Ziraat Bank, that is, not Akfinans

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